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Guide bush ST7419

Guide bush ST7419 with shoulder, sliding guide steel with bronze coating


Material / Version

Guide bush made of steel 1.7131, case-hardened, hard - ness 61–63 HRC

Guide diameter ISO H5 honed. Mounting diameter ISO js4, ground.


Due to the galvanically applied bronze coating onto the hardened steel sleeve, this bush is suitable especially for high sliding speeds and strong lateral forces.


Lubrication by cup head lubrication nipple, connection M8 x 1 provided for central lubrication.

Mounting instructions

Fit in mounting bore hole ISO H6. Fix with 3 holding clamps ST7367 (included in delivery). The shoulder surface, rightangled ground to the guide bore, will be squeezed onto the plate by the holding clamps and guarantees an absolute chucking of the guide bush.

Holding clamps

When reordering the holding clamps please order: 1 set = 3 pieces, order number ST7367

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