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About Champion Die Tools

A Foundation Of Excellence
Champion Tools, LLC originally was established in 1959, St. Louis MO, as Custom Tool & Die. This family owned shop supported machining, Die and mold making activities for companies in and around the Midwest. In the early days the company was involved in the mockup and mold making of the F4 Phantom fighter jet when it was in the design stage. There were over 5000 F4’s built before the line was retired. Since then the company has been involved with many aspects of aerospace manufacturing programs. Including fixturing and tooling for the F15 line, F18 progamming and machining as well as many other manufacturing activities.
Business Direction
As the company grew, the work focus shifted to manufacturing of standard guide components and die sets for the stamping and molding industries. This has become our specialty and so it was decided to focus on this and expand our US stamping and mold customers base. The decision was made that the company needed a fresh new name and look. So Champion Tools, LLC was born and product lines, ball cages, guide post, bushings and die springs became our specialty and core business. Champion die sets and mold sets on request can be purchased. Our quality standards matches that of German precision DIN and as well the ISO standard. We have found that the German quality DIN standards meets and exceeds our requirements for precision and interchangeability of our die components. All of our suppliers, local, national and international are held to this standard, no exceptions.
Keys To Success

Quality products held to the highest standards of precision are our keys to success and customer satisfaction.

At Champion Tools we adhere to a lean inventory strategy to help keep cost down and effectively utilize inventory space. For our customers we keep plenty of their stock on hand so delivery can still be met quickly.

Champion Die components, posts, bushings, ball cages, etc. are interchangeable with components produced by other die component manufacturers here in the USA and abroad.

Customers rate Champion as a preferred supplier because of our ability to maintain the highest quality workmanship with competitive pricing.

Valued Partnerships

In 2005 we became the North American Rep for Steinel Normalien


About Steinel Normalien

At Steinel, one thing matters above all else: quality.

After all, they have been developing and producing their own Standard Parts at their factory in the Black Forest since 1948. That allows them to offer you decisive advantages which come with all of their products: ultimate precision and extreme durability.

Not only that, they also hold almost all of their 25,000 products in stock. For you that means near-100% availability and very fast delivery times. That is what we call customer friendly – and it is also highly economical for you.

Steinel – the big brand for Standard Parts

Champion Tools has been the North American Distributor for STEINEL NORMALIEN metric guide units, punches, die sets, springs and accessories since 2005

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About Champion Tools

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