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Steinel Brings Superior Quality

Best Material and Methods
We use only the finest materials for our products and always choose the manufacturing, safe and reliable ensuring the required quality of finish. We have built up a network of quality suppliers over the years and always equip our manufacturing with state of the art precision machinery.
Extensive Know-How
When it comes to high-tech, machinery and materials are far from everything. In any STEINEL product plugged extensive development and manufacturing know-how and years of experience. Often it is the small details in the design or manufacturing process that bring the decisive quality advantage.
In-House Production
Whether milling, water jet cutting, grinding, eroding or honing - we perform almost all the operations that are required for the manufacture of our products, in-house. Thus we can consistently maintain a high standard of quality and eliminate external quality risks.
Controlled Quality
Our products are using the latest measurement technology, such as image processing measuring microscope, surface roughness, 3D measurement space or hardness tester, tested at different stages of their creation. But it is not only technology and procedures, but also the high quality standards of our staff ensures that quality STEINEL is actually lived in each area.

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