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LOCTITE 603 SZ9742

LOCTITE 603 SZ9742


For tension-free, enduring fastening of parts with radial and axial pressure, such as bearings, bushings, axles, pins, rotors, gear wheels, rings, tires and sinter bearings. The extrusion force of press fi ts increases by approximately 100% and more. Fitting rust and leakage are avoided. Thin liquid, only very difficult to break fastening.

Glue gap

  • Max. 0.15 mm ƒ
  • Preferably 0.05 mm

Hardening time

  • Hard to the touch 10–30 min ƒ
  • Functional hardness 30–60 min ƒ
  • Final hardness ≈ 6 hrs

Colour green, 50 ml in plastic bottle.

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