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Metric Guide Units

STEINEL guide units are highly precise and, with loading capacities of up to 8,750 N/cm for roller guides, they are highly resilient. Number of strokes up to 800 strokes for bronze-coated sliding guides and sliding speeds of max. 40 m/min for ball guides guarantee maximum productivity.

All of STEINEL's ball and roller guides are pre-loaded and absolutely free of clearance. Using precision steel balls and profile rollers of the same sort guarantees top precision. Thanks to fixed sizes, ball and roller cages are freely interchangeable in one and the same guide.

For high force absorption, we rely on a high density of load-bearing balls or rollers. In the case of uniform force distribution, individual ball and roller rows are offset against each other.

Die Sets Made of Special Gray Cast Iron

Champion carries a wide variety of high quality special grey cast iron die sets

Die sets from STEINEL form the optimum basis for your punching and bending tool. They are available in either standardised sizes (from stock) or as special, customer-specific designs: whichever is the case, milling and drilling templates are used in accordance with your specifications.

High quality special gray cast iron die sets
High quality special gray cast iron die sets
High quality special gray cast iron die sets

Wide variety, high quality

STEINEL manufactures die sets out of steel, aluminium and special grey cast iron: these are available from stock in a number of standard sizes.

  • Individual special gray cast iron die sets Our special gray cast iron die sets can also be custom-produced at short notice within the maximum working range according to your specifications. They are tension-free annealed and, depending on their size, plane-parallel ground (up to 2,000 x 1,000 x 900 mm) or precision-milled (up to 2,500 x 1,250 mm). Our machining service comprises turning, milling, drilling, jig grinding and electrical discharge machining (EDM). Consequently, we can produce die sets matching your tool concept within a very short space of time.
  • Stamping blocks The stamping block is a simple type of die set. We offer stamping blocks for the production of simple punched parts in a single tool. Various standard sizes and special designs, e.g. with transversal guide bars, threads for clamping sockets, etc., are both available.
  • Special grey cast iron die sets We also offer precision sliding guides with solid lubricant for our special grey cast iron die sets. In order to ensure a high quality standard, all of our grey cast iron die sets are ultrasonic-tested and therefore free from cracks, cavities and inclusions.

Tailored to your tool

Milling, drilling, turning, plate shape, plate size – we work to your specifications. You can choose between die sets with or without guide plates and select the type of guidance that is right for you, because we want to make the road to making your perfect tool as obstacle-free as possible.

    Special gray cast iron die sets
  •  Numerous standard sizes in stock
  • Frame made from special gray iron GGL, alloyed (best grindability) and ultra-sonic tested. Therefore without cavities, tears or inclusions.
  • Sliding guide (bronze-plated steel, solid bronze with a solid lubricant)
  • Ball tracks
  • Roller guides

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